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The Mission of MentorshipRevolution is to support and encourage the growth, happiness, and success of individuals. In life we can all remember at least one person who impacted our life by shifting us into a positive direction. Heroes here on earth who we refer to as teachers, leaders, and mentors. If you are at a transitioning point in your life where you need someone to talk to or give you a helping hand- MentorshipRevolution is made just for you. Here you will find stories, speakers, content, community, and service. This website yearns to be very unique and effective- I invite you to come join us!

Early in June this year ( 2019) MR introduced our new mentorship program. Are you looking for a mentor or someone who you can receive knowledge and direction from? Or would you like to be a mentor that can spread knowledge and give direction? If that is the case you should consider joining our mentor program and being involved. 

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