Biography: The Founder of MentorshipRevolution (A 21st Century Business Built on Service and Community)

How do I start the story about myself as the founder of MentorshipRevolution?

The story contains alot of stories, details, and chapters.

But to sum up my life thus far I will use these 4 words: Graduate, Persevere, Endure, and Succeed.

Hello, my name is Hannah Lassiter. I am an African American woman who is 19 years old, and currently I am a college student at Lenoir Rhyne University. LRU is located in Hickory, NC.

Last year I decided to do it. I decided that I was ready to walk out of one chapter in my life and begin a new one.

In this new chapter of my life I am now considered a young adult, and that also means I am assumed full responsibility for my life and my legacy.

Every young adult is excited as we see a world full of freedom, excitement, thrills, and opportunities.

But what we should also know as we step out into this world that is far to big for us to begin to comprehend all at once is that we need to make wise decisions & do things that have positive impact on family, society, and the world at large.

Life is not just about you or your pain or your struggles.

If you are in a period of your life where you are struggling with severe pain and struggles then you need now more than ever to find community, uplifting relationships, friendships, and mentors.

While for some of us we shrink when we don’t feel happy or confident we must rise and share our lives and journeys with others around us.

God is willing to put someone in your pathway if he knows you need it, but you must not shut down, hideaway, or give up.

Even better, if you are on a pathway of accomplishing goals and seeing success in your life then you should still consider mentorship.

MentorshipRevolution is a business, organization, and community that I created with the mission to help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century.

For some this mission doesn’t seem clear enough.

Well, I encourage you to come along this journey as a member of this community and discover that there are infinite possibilities in creating and sending positivity, hope, information, insight, and help out into the world.

That is simply what MentorshipRevolution seeks to do, and that is what we will do.

God has sent me much help, gems, and confidants along the way since I started MentorshipRevolution only 1 year ago.

But I have bloomed into being the administrator, upholder, and the only content creator for this website/blog.

Thank you for everyone who has followed, supported, shared, listened, and reached out regarding the mission and services of MentorshipRevolution.

This platform idealizes community, and many more critical and worthy ideas and concepts that human beings thrive and live by.

As the founder I created this page to give you the biography of my life, but so you can also know and understand that as the founder of MR it is a direct piece of a vision and a calling that has been placed on my life.

In college I am majoring in psychology, and that is related to why I care about minds and lives of others.

We all know the link between thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and habits.

During my lifetime I want to be/become a psychologist, educator, businesswoman, activist, and a woman who serves God.

There are two pictures I want to share with you that high- light two moments in the history of my life so far:

Me the day I graduated kindergarten in the year 2006.

Me the day I graduated high school in the year 2018.

These pictures are exactly 12 years apart from each other relating to when they were taken.

Life goes on, life moves forward, life changes, and life can get better.

That is just a little piece of my testimony.

Thank you for visiting this website, and I hope you will come along this journey as a supporter, member, participator, and a contributor.