Discussion Board 2020 (Let’s Talk)

Welcome to MR’s Discussion Board for the first time in year 2020!

It is a new year!

2020 is only just beginning, and soon MentorshipRevolution will be celebrating two years since the first day we was established.

Let’s rejoice and discuss! Yes, this community finally has a place for open discussion on relevant topics and themes.

Discussion that has power to change lives and minds so get ready!

The Rules and Regulations

Remember this sector is for discussing the questions and ideas that I as the founder set into place.

MR asks for each real community member to collaborate and become involved in all that we do, but the ideas to be discussed will be set by the website maintenance.

Respect everyone. Indulge mature conversation. Provide feedback and response. Encourage others, laugh, and cry if your heart says so.

Discussion Board #1

Discussion Board #2

Discussion Board #3

Discussion Board #4