New! MentorshipRevolution Mentor Program

MentorshipRevolution was inspired and founded by the initiative to form a diverse community that makes room and space for mentorship.

For us mentorship is defined as a network where every day special people are allowed to form meaningful relationships, partnerships, and systems for success.

Based on your preference the mentorship process and experience can come alive and take place on an individual or collective basis ( maybe you would be interested in both forms).

Here we try to remain open minded while still prioritizing and upholding a platform specifically designed to distribute knowledge, wisdom, leadership, etc.

In June it makes a year since we have been in existence and so far we haven’t charged a dime for any of the information, resources, content, or articles we have created and offered.

A shift is occurring, but you can still benefit from the services that we have offered so far that has been free of charge. That is what makes us revolutionary! Business is business, but you can know for sure MR is founded on pure motive.

I hope you by now will take serious interest in MentorshipRevolution New Mentor Program!

Here are the package deals offered in the mentorship program, which you can choose from based on your needs, time, interests, and preference ( These can change):

Summer Grand Deal

  • You can have your first mentor session with us free of charge! Consider having your first meeting and mentor experience with us for 30 minutes, and 0 cents.
  • MR is offering traditional mentoring and online mentoring. Both methods will be very similar.
  • 3 mentor sessions or 6 mentor sessions a month ( contact us directly to discuss prices)
  • Mentor sessions/meetings can range from 30 mins to 2 hours.

Mentor Session (s)

As a a business named after mentorship it is only right that MR offers one of a kind mentor services, right? After a year of being in establishment we have created the Summer Grand Deal. Your first mentor session is on us, free of charge! This is the cost of one mentorship session for an allotted time of one hour. So, how can a mentor help or serve you right now in your life?


If you are ready for a 1 on 1 mentorship session via MentorshipRevolution we are ready to serve you!

As your personal mentor I will start by sending you the information that you must know when starting a mentorship relationship, and we can discuss the help, access, and resources that will benefit your journey most.

I have worked carefully on announcing and launching MR’s Mentorship Program, because mentorship is very precious. Contact us ( soon as you decide you are interested in mentorship services. Make sure within the email you state specifically your need for having a mentor in your life.

Examples of people who need a mentor: a student in school, a teenager in need of a role model or positive example, a person who wants expert advice or information, a person who needs help dealing with personal issues, a person who needs someone to trust and confide in.

If you don’t need a mentor make sure you still share MentorshipRevolution with your special friends and loved ones❤

Sincerely, CEO Hannah Lassiter

Fill out the quick form below so MR will know immediately when you are interested in working with us and pursing revolutionary mentorship!