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MentorshipRevolution is a great way to start a business write a novel experience social skills good of promoting your product or give people great advice about life.

– Maurice, main supporter of MentorshipRevolution since day one

Hannah Lassiter has been influential in the lives of others through her mentorshiprevolution business. After meeting her, I knew that she would transform my life and outlook on helping others. Her website serves as a safe place that helps any age group and myself. Her writings and blogs are always positive and will have you thinking about life situations and how to change them for the better. I highly suggest checking out her mentorshiprevolution website and subscribing—it’ll definitely be worth it because she is wiser than her age. 🦋
– Ajah Harold, supporter of MentorshipRevolution since 2019
Hannah and I first spoke last year. She had invited me to be a guest on her new pod cast Mentorship Revolution. I’ve been reading the Bible for over 54 years and it was refreshing to speak with someone so young that had an interest in the word of God. I found Hannah to be intent on searching for the knowledge of the Bible. Although she and I have different understandings of what the Bible has to say, she had many questions as to what I had found in my research. She believes, as do most Christians, that one has to go to church in order to be pleasing to God. Whereas I believe that the true church is in the heart of every Christian and it is not necessary to attend a physical church. I feel that Hannah is devoted to the study of God’s word and it is my hope that she will grow in her understand as time progresses. She also has a deep desire to help people.
-Billy Lonas, founder of the Facebook Group “The Bible Tells Me So”, and the author of the blog: https://keepingitscripturallysimple.com